Meet our team - Elianne Mureddu


I’d be lying if I said my career has been a smooth ride. It’s been a challenging, transformative and rewarding ride - but the word smooth has not been a part of that vocabulary until this year. ⁣

And that’s the thing right ? In the end we go to work, and we separate who we are - our true selves, our personal life, our struggles, and burry those aside. Often far away. To be the person our boss, job, team needs us to be. ⁣

⁣I’ve never talked about this publicly, but I’m thinking it’s about damn time. Here it goes.....In 2017 I was diagnosed and treated for thyroid cancer ( yep the big C word). I was 26 and had spend the last 7 years working my way up a successful international management career. I was full of ambition, responsibilities and in my prime time. ⁣

It’s difficult to talk about and really transmit how this has shifted my life. Initially, My reaction was to throw myself into work. Keep going. Carry on. Move on. Survive. ⁣

I didn’t want my experience something that defined me. I didn’t want pitty. I just wanted to keep moving forward. ⁣

And for a while there it worked. But deep down .... it just didn’t feel right anymore. I started to purposely and deeply think about my life. My purpose. My direction. I started to realize that for years I had given my power away to the corporations i had worked for - and it was time to take it back. ⁣

And that’s what I’ve been doing the past two years - shifting my priorities, realigning them to my truth and defining a. New direction. ⁣

I started career hacking for women because I want Women around the world to lead a life of purpose. A life that they have designed and in which they feel powerful and fulfilled in. ⁣

Career Hacking is not only about your professional journey, but also your private. It’s about having The right tools you need to take action. Picking up and polishing the skills necessary to achieve your goals. So that when the opportunities come, you are confident and ready to take them on. ⁣

I want us all to be the best leaders, managers, creators, mentors than we can be... so That our success and joy will serve as inspiration and joy for others.