Meet our team - Ferdaws Mabrouki


Coming from a software engineering background, I have always struggled with proving myself in a male dominated field. For whatever reason, the world can’t just be ok with having female engineers lead projects and make an impact.

I was told by my previous boss that Tunisian women are not professionally ambitious enough since the majority, according to him, stay at the same position and company forever 🤯🤯🤯 After getting over the shock and processing what he said, I decided to never allow anyone to tell me what I can or can not do 💪

Unlike what my ex boss believed, I was a very ambitious engineer. I knew that I can expand my horizons abroad. Even though I knew it wasn’t an easy task, I wasn’t aware of the emotional and psychological tax that I had to pay for the process.

Due to the limitation of my Tunisian passport, I got rejected by lots of companies because they didn’t want to pay for the relocation costs. That’s when I realized that, unfortunately, I don’t have the privileges of a first world country person.

However, that didn’t derail me from attending my goals. With a bit of consistency, patience and determination, I landed a job in an international company that operates in 30 counties. But most importantly, a company that values individuals for who they are and not for where they’re coming from.

After a year and a half, I jumped on an opportunity to become a product manager. Being in a meeting room with a bunch of seniors and pretending I knew what they were saying was mainly my first 3 months of product management 🤣 but with the support system I had from my colleagues and managers, I found the right amount of motivation and inspiration to grow and reach a senior level in just one year.

My journey made me realize that anyone can do anything. With the right planning and consistency, everything is possible. This shaped my mission, as part of career hacking for women, to help others become more aware of their capabilities, especially women! 👸✨